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Here you will find information about the Sintrol products that are no longer available or have been replaced by new types:

Product range


Dust monitor for broken bag detection.

Snifter A2

Using the DustTool software, which is free to download, the Snifter A2 can set two independent alarm limits for applications that require more flexibility. After completing the “automatic setup” function, the “alert” and “alarm” levels can be set that are deemed necessary for the process. A USB port provides easy access to the instrument.


Snifter for trend monitoring with mA output.

Sniffer mA+

For applications where a continuous trend signal is desired about the operation of the filter, the Snifter mA+ offers a 4-20 mA signal for recording relative trends. Using the DustTool software, the “alert” and “alarm” limits can be set for signaling filter leakage or breakthrough.


On/Off Switch for filter leak detection

S301 Dust Monitor – On/Off Switch for filter leak detection

Equipped with two independent alarm relays that can be used for early warning and failure, or connected to alarm-devices, S301 is used to detect filter deterioration and blockage or breakage. The alarms can be used for process control (as an ON-OFF system) in flow – no flow situations in bulk solids handling and pneumatic transport applications. Very fast response time, a typical characteristic of these monitors, enables early detection and prevention of expensive product loss to the environment.


Trend monitor with 4-20mA output

S303 Dust monitor – Trend monitor with 4-20mA output for continuous dust measurement

With a 4–20 mA analog signal output used for trend monitoring, S303 is installed downstream from a filter, cyclone, dryer or similar devices to monitor filter performance as well as particulate emissions. It has two alarm relays that will engage when particulate levels in the gas stream exceed a preset level. It can also be used for process control in certain applications. S301 and S303 are designed for use in any process fitted with bag, ceramic, cartridge filters or cyclones where indicative (qualitative) monitoring is required.


Emissions monitor

S304 Dust monitor – Emissions monitor that can be calibrated to give mg/m3 output

Combining the S303’s features with the added feature of allowing calibration to give readings in mg/m3 format, it can give plant operators the ability to see absolute value measurements of dust concentrations. Installed in emissions stacks or in common ducts of a stack, the S304 can give a continuous dust concentration in the process enabling constant monitoring of the dust levels.


Continous dust monitor for post-ESP applications

E-Spy – Continous dust monitor for post-ESP applications

E-Spy is a revolutionary process monitor that helps optimize the performance of an ESP using state-ofthe art probe based technology. Recently developed by our engineers and valuated by research institutes here in Finland, our monitors continuously track the particulate measurements downstream from the ESP enabling plants to not only adhere to the strictest emission regulations, but also reduce overall energy costs. With hundreds of installations worldwide, this has become our fastest growing process control device since it both outperforms and is much more cost effective than the alternative optical monitors. Hundreds of E-Spy have now been installed, and customers are proving to be very satisfied. An increasing number of dust monitors are now being replaced by the Sintrol E-Spy because it is inexpensive, easy to install and commission, requires hardly any maintenance and gives a reliable measurement signal The ESP operator can adjust the parameters to minimize the ESP maintenance requirements, operating costs and the expenses from dust emissions, while meeting all regulatory requirements.


Certified stack monitor for official emissions

S305 Dust monitor – QAL1 certified stack monitor for official emissions measurements

Equipped with a Self Zero and Self Span check, the S305 meets all QAL1 requirements for official emissions regulations, as proven by its TÜV certification. Used for emissions monitoring in official stack measurements for reporting to authorities as well as providing a mg/m3 reading to plant operators. Gives plants a continuous measurement of particulate emissions to ensure it remains within its imposed regulatory limits.

DUMO – IECEX/Atex certificed

Continuous dust monitor for trend monitoring in ambient air environments

Dumo – Continuous dust monitor for trend monitoring in ambient air environments

Sintrol Dumo monitors Total Suspended Particles (TSP) in ambient air based on the signal generated from moving particles. Test measurements in the laboratory and in the field proved that Dumo is capable of monitoring low dust concentrations and particle sizes as small as 0.3 micrometers. Dumo is easy to install and commission and virtually maintenance free. For parameterization and set up, Dumo can be accessed via USB with our DustTool software available free of charge from our website.