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CD Automation was founded in 1987 with the clear strategy of becoming a leading supplier of quality industrial automation products to the Italian martket. Nowadays we serve customers worldwide.

Key to this success was the formation of a sales team educated with a strong technical background. The philosophy was simple; provide product & application experts to be able to work in partnership with the customer to find the right solution. CD Automation offers a wide range of products among the most sophisticated in the world for loads up to 3000kW. From simple single phase heaters up to complex high temperature coefficient three phase loads, CD automation can find the product that exceeds your requirements.

A technical excellent product line has been developed due to the know-how of our R&D department. For example: Temperature Controllers with integrated Solid State Relay’s saving a lot of labour on wiring. We sell solutions in the field of plastic materials, ovens, textile industry, etc…

Solid State Relays (SSR) & Thyristor Power Controllers