Sintrol Filter Leak Detection

In each area of the process where there is are single or multiple compartment baghouses, Sintrol S100-series monitors are the perfect solution to provide notification to the customer of deterioration or breakage of the filter bags. This provides early detection for the customer that excess particulate matter is in its process and releasing out of the stack.

The Sintrol Snifters are largely maintenance free devices that can measure dust levels as low as 0.01 mg/m³.

Product range Filter Leak Detection


Dust monitor for detection of filter breakdown.

S101 Filter Monitor

sing the DustTool software provided with the monitor, the S101 has two independent alarm signals for applications that require more flexibility with its outputs. After completing the automatic setup function, the operator can adjust the alert and alarm level signals to meet the needs of the process.


Dust monitor for trend monitoring with mA output.

S103 Filter Monitor

For those that would like a continuous trend of the filter’s performance, the S103 provides a 4-20 mA output to identify relative trends. Using the DustTool, the alarm signals can be adjusted to meet the operator’s needs to give indications of filter leaks or breakages.