Sintrol Dust Monitoring

The S200 Series consists of the S201 Dust Guard with 2 alarm outputs, and the S203 Trend Monitor with additional 4-20 mA output. Both are suitable for a supply voltage of both 24 VDC and 100-240 VAC. They have a Quick Clamp process connection as standard and are suitable for temperatures up to 300 °C and 600 kPa pressure.

The Sintrol Snifters are largely maintenance free devices that can measure dust levels as low as 0.01 mg/m³.

Product range Dust Monitoring

Sintrol – NEW

On/Off Switch for filter leak detection

S201 Dust Monitor – On/Off Switch for filter leak detection

With two independent alarm relays, Sintrol’s S201 allows the end user to identify bag leaks and deterioration of filters.  Using our electric induction measurement principle, the dust monitor can be easily set up within 30 minutes of installation and gives plant operators quick notification of breaches in the filtration system.

Sintrol dust monitor allows end users to manually adjust alert and alarm level signals to tailor to their end needs.  Different probe lengths and coatings give flexibility to meet a variety of applications.

Sintrol – NEW

Trend Monitor for filter leak detection

S203 Trend monitor with 4-20mA output for continuous dust measurement

Continuous trend monitor that gives plant operators to see the performance of the filtration systems and ducts over a period of time.  Perfect for installation after any filtration system or in common line channels leading into the emissions points of a plant.

State of the art Inductive Electrification principle minimizes the need for maintenance on the  dust monitor and provides an accurate trend for end users.  4-20mA output combined with an easy to use auto-setup feature that takes less than 30 minutes from installation makes the device both convenient and reliable.