REVO C 1PH – Revo Connect Universal SCR Power Controller Single Phase

  • Phases: 1
  • Current Range from 30 to 2100A.
  • Voltage Range 480V, 600V and 690V +/-10%.
  • Inputs: 4:20mA, 0:10V, SSR and ModBus as std and different Field Bus listed in the Product Coding
  • Firing mode: Half Cycle, Single Cycle, Burst Firing, Delayed Triggering, Phase Angle with or without Soft Start
  • Control Mode: Voltage, Current and Power or V2 and I2 with additional Transfer to VxI
  • USB: port integrated for configuration in safety mode (No Load and Auxiliary Voltage needed) Unit Powered Through USB
  • 100 kA: Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR) up to 600V
  • Approvals CE+EMC; EAC; cUL from 30A to 700A, UL from 800A to 2100A
  • IP20 Protection available

REVO Connect is fully Software configurable.

Fully compatible with REVO M and REVO CL serie