REVO RT – 3-zone PID Temperature/power controller up to 90A

  • The REVO RT is a compact power controller unit, which integrates a single phase static unit for each loop for electrical power management.
  • Each unit manages 3 independent control loops. The unit can be purchased with the diagnostic functions for the load and for the SCRs. In this case there is a current transformer for each channel.
  • Each power channel is always equipped with extra rapid fuses.
  • The standard incorporation of power, CTs and fuses into a single unit saves considerable space and wiring time.
  • Available in the following currents: 35, 50, 75 and 90A with maximum voltages 480V and 600V.

Controller Module

  • PID temperature controller with Pre Tune, Self Tune and Manual tuning
  • Up to three Heating Only or Heating and Cooling PID Loops
  • RS485 communication from 19200 to 57600 Baud Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Auto/Manual bumpless balances.
  • Configurable input for Thermocouples and linear Signal.
  • Five configurable Relay outputs for Alarm, Cooling output or Motor Start Enable.

 Thyristor Module

  • Solid State Relay 35, 50, 75 or 90A
  • 480V or 600V Max
  • Integrated Extrarapid Fuses
  • Integrated Current Transformer with Heater Break Alarm Option
  • Heatsink + Fan
  • Panel Mounting
  • Indication LED