REVEX 1PH – Power controller

REVEX 1PH is a fully configurable single phase power controller. If you don’t need features, delete them, so you’ll get an immediate cut on the cost of the unit.

  • Load type: Normal Resistance, Infrared Short, Medium and Long, Transformer Primary, Cold resistance and SiC elements
  • Inputs: 4:20mA, 0:10V, SSR and ModBus as std.
  • Firing mode: Single cycle, Half cycle, Burst, Phase Angle, Delayed Triggering, different types of adjustable ramp
  • Control Mode: Voltage, Current and Power or V2 and I2 with additional Transfer to VxI
  • Communication RS485 with Modbus® protocol std.
  • Two Analog input
  • Two digital inputs
  • USB: Port integrated for configuration in safety mode (No Load and Auxiliary Voltage needed) Unit Powered Through USB
  • With the units already programmed you can simply switch On and Go


  • All options are shown below with the relevant model code
  • HB Alarm to diagnose partial or Total Load Failure and Thyristor Short Circuit

cd automation revex 1ph diagram

cd automation revex control board