Wireless Router


The Wireless Router Dust monitor is a microprocessor-based unit, equipped with USB, RS485 and Sintrol’s local RF-link connections.
The device is designed to manage all Sintrol products connected to Sintrol Network. The Wireless Router has been specifically designed for easy installation and reliable operation.

With the world moving in the direction of wireless technology, the S510 is able to be networked using our own RF platform. This reduces cabling costs for the plant operators and eases installation with a fully integrated, easy to use RF connection. Each monitor has a range of up to 1 km (0.6 mi) and can act as its own repeater within the network, which can further reduce costs to the system. With directional antennas the range can be extended to over 10 km (6.2 mi).

The S510 is further enhanced by the introduction of Sintrol’s software packages. S510 monitors can be managed and parameterized with the complimentary DustTool PC Software. This offers a convenient platform to initiate auto setup and adjust the parameters of the monitor. DustLog 8 gives the user full access to all monitors within the network in one location, with a reporting tool, mapping function and real time trend monitoring graphs of the process.

Amongst its many features are:

  • Range up to 1 km (0.6 mi) even without line of sight
  • No repeaters necessary (each instrument can operate as a repeater itself)
  • Remarkable savings due to no cabling costs
  • No galvanic connection, no need for barriers
  • Safe operation due to remote access of devices in difficult places and conditions
  • Self-organizing network without a need to manually parameterize settings.
  • Reduced commissioning time and cost
  • Works within the ISM bands with no need for licenses or permits
  • 15 available channels, each is able to include 250 instruments (3750 in total)